TOMELLOSO is located in the center of the region of La Mancha, northeast of the province of Ciudad Real, and almost at the apex where it joins Cuenca, Albacete and Toledo. Guadiana River borders the term by the south and the west, coming from the nearby Lagunas of Ruidera. Tomelloso is located in the heart of the land of Don Quixote, is a modern and active city, fully integrated in today's changing world and able to face the challenges of today's society.

Furthermore, aware of its past and culture, retains all its values and traditions that brings history and, how cannot be otherwise, recognized like a city of La Mancha. Very important center of wine production. In the subsoil (underground) of Tomelloso counted about 4,000 caves that appeared before the big wine storage needs and today are remembering the importance of this sector has always had in this city.

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