Vinícola de Tomelloso was founded in 1986 with the aim to produce high quality bottled wines. In 1989 the partners built a new winery incorporating the latest technology. They undertook a restructuring of vineyards' project too, introducing new grape varieties like Macabeo, among many others.

    This grape let to create the first bottled wine of our winery, it was called AÑIL. This wine was a new concept in the region, a revolution, which became one of the best selling wines from La Mancha.

    Añil (indigo) is the color of La Mancha: the typical houses are painted in white&añil. It also means achieving a difficult goal after great efforts and our wine is therefore the bright result of a brave project that overcomes every obstacle.

    It is recognized in the principal international competitions. Today, it remains one of our bestsellers and AÑIL is the flagship of Vinícola de Tomelloso.